A music tv show for up and coming artists.

Growing up, I lived in the country and never had cable. So any time I had access to cable TV, I always wanted to watch MuchMusic. I loved watching the music videos and performances. Now even though I’ve outgrown the music video scene a bit, it’s still pretty cool that I had the opportunity to work on this. This was the first season of the show, and it was a pretty neat experience for me. They had quite a few artists on, and some of them were pretty great. I got to help build the format, as we figured out ways to keep the interviews interesting, create bumpers, the show intro, and extra segments. Each episode would focus on one artist, with a couple of live performances and an interview. Also in each episode, there is a short spotlight on another artist, and a “Back in the day” trivia segment.  Below is episode #6, but you can see the others at http://www.theundergroundmusicscene.ca/about