On my way to Toronto for an exciting week of McDonald’s!

Always happy to work with the fine folks at McDonald’s for a series of commercials. Today, the footage is coming in for a spot I’m pretty excited about. I think it will be funny!

I’ve had a really good past two weeks – things finally slowed down a bit and I got to spend some quality time with the family. I also had some time to meet with some great local people in the business. It was nice to make some contacts, and get to know some new people! Fortunately, it seems like most of the people in the industry I’ve talked to in London are very friendly and helpful, and that’s always nice when you’re a new guy in town. After working/living in Toronto for the past ten years, I have many friends and contacts in Toronto, but I’m still a little unknown in London. I’ve been fortunate to keep busy with plenty of Toronto clients, but there has not been too much London work. Hopefully that will change soon!