I always enjoy shooting weddings. It’s interesting to see what you find when you return with the footage as you’re basically in a situation where you have no control of what’s happening, but you can capture the special moments that happen throughout the day. I try to be as unobtrusive as I can be – I don’t believe in trying to “stage” moments or take over the wedding. Wedding guests are not there to see me, and most people don’t want a camera guy getting in the way of everything. I take pride in the fact that some of the couples I’ve shot forgot I was even shooting the wedding! Here’s a montage of some of my work.

Gerrit Van Dyke – Wedding Montage from Video on Vimeo.

John & Courtney

This was an interesting wedding to shoot, as it started to downpour during the ceremony! The Bride and Groom were in good spirits, and really helped make it a special day.

John & Courtney Wedding from Video on Vimeo.

Jen & Stephen

I really think that this couple put together a really unique and amazing wedding. The reception had old photos from their family weddings, and enough unique style and nostalgia to make it a wedding that really stands out in my memory.

Jen & Steve from Video on Vimeo.