Wow, I guess this is my first post of 2015.


2014 was quite the year! The busiest year of my life with work, a new baby, and all the other stuff that comes along with being an adult. I’m proud to say that some of the work I did in 2014 counts among the best I’ve done. I’ll be uploading some previous work that I’ve done in recent months over the next couple weeks.

To start with, here are a couple of McDonald’s spots that I edited recently for their Coffee. The first spot “The Ritual” was done at the end of 2014, promoting their Coffee and Muffin combo. The second spot is called “The Circle of Michael” which was a fun spot that promoted their week of free coffee. I also edited an online video for Free Coffee that I’ll post at another time.

These two spots were a lot of fun to work on! They both starred the same actor that was in the previous McDonald’s Coffee spot I edited. As an editor, I never meet the actors, but their abilities really affect the editing process. This actor playing the character “Michael” was very good at improv, giving us a ton of options in the editing suite.

The only downer was that “Circle of Michael” would be my last time working with a team I really liked – they left the company shortly after to work at different agencies. But I hope they both have the best of luck at their new shops.


McDonald's – The Ritual from The Squid Productions on Vimeo.

McDonald's – Circle Of Michael from The Squid Productions on Vimeo.