How To: Other Food Stuff

One of my favourite projects I worked on this year!

Canadian Journalism Award Videos 2021

Doing a video featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci during a pandemic was an honour.

Scotiabank Mortgage Protection Insurance

Who knew that mortgage protection insurance make for such a touching story?

Support Web Series

A touching web series

Angels Den 2020

Like Dragon’s Den, but for healthcare.

Montana’s Wrestler

Who will win the last rib?

Abby Langer’s Food Crusade

A really funny and informative series!


Is that a giant water bottle?

Hoof Prints Calendar

Those crazy cows!

Baffin Hockey

Boots and Hockey

The Fork

Get the Fork out!

Food Basics Mom’s Day

Very cute!



Food Basics Summer

Summer fun!


How do employees at an insurance company take care of people?

Scotiabank App

Mackenzie Health

Some interesting videos for a pretty unique hospital.