One of my favourite music videos I’ve cut.

This one turned out really cool. When I first received the footage, I wasn’t quite sure what we had here. But after assembling it all, adding a little colour and some effects, it turned out great! We did ship this out to another supplier to do a little bit of extra effects work. 

There’s a cool concept for this – below is what Grant wrote about it in an interview.

When you first see me I’m in a basement. I’m tied up. And that’s basically showing me being afraid to say certain things and being held back from my thoughts because of the situation I was in. I’m tied up and you see the “Less” thing on my mouth. And it shows I’m in danger. This is real stuff. There are people who are in environments like this and they don’t talk about it. So when you look into my eyes that’s zooming into my mind. And all those different personalities in the mirrors are in my mind. And I’m yelling all these things out to you in my mind and it zooms back out. Then the girl comes back around. She’s there to spice it up. But also I feel like lust, distractions and fear hold me back. So she represents that. You have to look at it all like you’re zooming into my mind. And all those personalities are there. I feel like people can relate to that.