TGIF. I know, it’s an awful cliche.

Today feels like the first friday I’ve had since I started the business! The past few weeks have consisted of juggling quite a few projects at once, and trying to keep everyone happy, and the process quick and fluid. Now, as most of those projects seem to be finishing up today, it really feels like a friday. Every other friday was just the day before I had to work on a Saturday.

That brings up one of the many struggles you get as a small business owner. How do you manage your time? As someone new to this, I hate turning work down, and I hate to make clients wait. I think there’s a lot of value in being the guy  who never complains and always surprises you with quick turnarounds. That way, when they work with someone else, no matter how talented they are, they’ll always miss working with you.

This is a business where there are a ton of revisions to each project, and often projects will last a lot longer than planned. When you look at a project you could re-create in an hour or two, but took three weeks in the process, it can often be disheartening. I’ve learned to roll with those punches, and to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me.  Like I said, I take pride in being accommodating, and since you never know when the next job is coming, I think it is really necessary.

But as I was saying before, it’s a real struggle to manage your time as a small business owner. I think it’s about finding the right balance as a father/husband, and a manager trying to build a client base. As with any job, I think it will get easier over time as I get better ideas of deadlines, and build more of a rapport with clients. While I think I’ll always need to be proving myself, there’s a certain amount of pressure to ‘really’ be proving myself now as I’m just entering this crazy world of freelance.

So for now, I get to enjoy today because tomorrow is the start of a real weekend! I might have to work a bit, but nothing as crazy as the last few weekends.

– Gerrit