I wanted to mention a couple things about some of my recent projects.

Back in January I edited a couple of fun spots for Yoplait. While one of them won’t air for a month or two (so I can’t post it until then), the commercial for “Greek Source” yogurt is now on air. It was a fun little spot, and the special effects guys really did a great job. Often, commercials that feature only product (and no talent or sync dialogue) are a really easy edit. I must be honest, I did underestimate this one, and it ended up being quite a bit more work than I thought. Fortunately I worked with a great team and I think it turned out really well. It’s linked below, or check it out in my “TV Work” section in Post-Production.

One of my all-time favourite projects was the year-long endeavour of editing “The Ballad of Hugh.” It’s a really nice portrait of an 82 year old musician/artist/poet who never gave up on his dreams. After getting it accepted at the NXNE film festival immediately after finishing, it took a little while to get accepted at other festivals. Lately though, it’s been accepted to two festivals! Next weekend (March 2nd), it’s playing at the Global Visions festial in Edmonton, Alberta. I think the director, Marco DiFelice, Hugh, and the producer Avi are going. Unfortunately, I’m not going, but I’m working on a really interesting project that weekend.

In April, it’s playing at CIMM FEST in Chicago. I think this may be the biggest one yet. I’d really love to go to this, because I love Chicago! I’d be very interested to see how it plays across the border.

Well, this is my 4th blog post, and I haven’t even launched the website yet. So when we get our first visitor, they’ll have plenty of posts to read!

– Gerrit