Busy Week!

Heading into Toronto on the train for a week full of work.  During the day, I’m working on some “pre-roll” commercials that will play at your local movie theatres (the commercials before the commercials before the trailers). At night, I’ve taken on a few other small jobs from other agencies. While I worry sometimes about working too much, I think this week was a good opportunity to get ahead of the game. I’ve noticed that as a freelancer/small business owner the work really comes in waves. One week you may have the equivalent of 3 weeks work, and there may not be anything!

I’ve been working on some interesting stuff lately, and I’ll post them to the site once they’re on air. Last week was a re-edit of three commercials for a group of law firms called PIA. This week, I’m back working at the same advertising agency – a really fun group of people. I’m always glad to work in a positive environment; it’s a great motivator and brings out the best work from everyone.

This week may be my busiest, fullest week yet as a freelancer. Yikes! But like I said, it’s kind of exciting to get to work on a variety of work at once, with some great clients.

I recently updated my motion graphics reel with some work I did for Manulife last month. Check it out!