How To: Other Food Stuff

One of my favourite projects I worked on this year!

Canadian Journalism Award Videos 2021

Doing a video featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci during a pandemic was an honour.

Scotiabank Mortgage Protection Insurance

Who knew that mortgage protection insurance make for such a touching story?

Support Web Series

A touching web series

Angels Den 2020

Like Dragon’s Den, but for healthcare.

Montana’s Wrestler

Who will win the last rib?

Abby Langer’s Food Crusade

A really funny and informative series!


Is that a giant water bottle?

The Fork

Get the Fork out!


How do employees at an insurance company take care of people?

Mackenzie Health

Some interesting videos for a pretty unique hospital.

Meme This! Pilot

A comedy pilot about the Internet!

Moonshine Diaries

An interesting TV pilot.

Nature Valley

Love how these turned out.

Grant Chris – Less

One of my favourite music videos I’ve cut.

Scene – Gold Card

An upgraded experience!

Emilie Mover – In Your View

This was a simple edit of an existing animation. But I think it turned out really beautifully.

Honey Nut Cheerios – Save the Bees – Co-Editor

I was always hesitant in adding this one to my site.

Scene – Very Important Friends

I guess I put a lot of Scene work on my site.

Air Transit & Sunwing Duty Free Videos 2017

Maybe you saw these during your flight?

Scene Teens

Don't miss out!

Small Talk 2018 For CBC

A series I’m very proud of.

Swiffer with Mike Holmes Jr.

Some spring cleaning tips with Mike Holmes Jr.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Books

I can appreciate this product!