What a stretch it has been!

The last couple months have been non-stop busy! I feel odd complaining about it, one of my fears as a freelancer was that I’d have a hard time getting work. Instead, I’ve had a hard time getting sleep!

Yesterday, we finished a McDonald’s spot that I think is really fun. I’ll post it once it goes to air. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind, with work for different agencies and clients, videos and commercials. So far, freelancing has proved to be much more creatively rewarding than I had imagined. I’ve been able to do some of my best work in the last few months, while learning and improving every day. I suppose it’s the result of being forced out of my comfort zone, and having  to improvise sometimes. Five months in, I’m happy to say the “The Squid” has been a success. Since re-locating to London, ON, I’ve been keeping very busy with Toronto clients. I’d love to start working more with local clients in London, but right now I’ve been too busy to set up meetings.  It’s tough, I’ve learned the importance of relationships in this business, and it’s difficult to build relationships in a new city, especially when I’ve been so busy.

Today, I’m freelancing back at my old agency, working with a team (creatives & producer) that I’ve always enjoyed working with.  This is a project (or series of projects) that will stretch out over a couple of weeks, but it always helps when you’re working with a group that you enjoy being with!

I’ve got some recent work I’d like to post soon so that my loyal blog readers (hi Dad!), can see what I’m doing.

Back to the train ride,